CrossRef Support

Patricia Feeney Jun 4 Announcements

Our deposit schema allowed multiple FundRef programs (<fr:program>) within CrossMark deposits. This was an oversight, only one <fr:program> should be deposited.  The <fr:program> element can contain multiple groups of funder information within a "fundgroup" assertion as described in the FundRef documentation.

Our deposit schema is being updated to enforce this.  If you have been depositing FundRef data with multiple programs, please redeposit as this affects how CrossMark displays your funding information.

Patricia Feeney Jun 1 Announcements

We have identified an issue with post-deposit processing of journal articles and as a result will need to reprocess all deposits made from May 29 at 1:30 ET through today. No action is needed from depositors, you'll probably see two submission logs for items deposited during that period.  

Patricia Feeney Feb 5 Announcements

As-crawled URLs for CrossCheck indexing can now be deposited with a CSV upload, details are here:

Patricia Feeney Jan 28 Announcements

The matching for the getFunders API has been improved. The FundRef Registry is continuously updated with new funding organizations. The getFunders API returns Funder information deposited for a DOI, as well as any additional Funder information that may not have been established at the time of deposit. 
For example, displays funder information in JSON format for DOI 10.1109/JPHOT.2014.2331233.
The funder name ‘NSF’ has been deposited for this DOI. This funder name is too ambiguous to make a match, the getFunder API displays all available funders related to ‘NSF’.

Patricia Feeney Jan 7 Announcements

CrossRef strongly advises that all depositors move to HTTPS. Once HTTPS has been implemented by your organization, you should change passwords for any deposit accounts that have been used with the non-SSL interface.

Please contact to coordinate password changes.

Note: We will continue to support a non SSL interface but we strongly encourage anyone making deposits or services requiring a deposit enabled login to switch to SSL. Query transactions can continue to use non SSL but be sure to use a separate account so that deposit capable credentials are not exposed to clear text transmissions.