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Patricia Feeney Nov 10 Announcements

We've recently deployed a new schema version with support for relationships between DOIs:


Patricia Feeney Sep 25 Announcements

We've recently added a Notification Callback service that notifies depositors (or query-ers) via a HTTP(S) URL that a submission log is available. Details are here:


Patricia Feeney Jun 17 Announcements

Members may now upload funding and license metadata in .csv format using our web deposit form. Details are here:

Please note that because we don't have the data to test this exhaustively this option is in beta. This means we'll try our best to help you and will fix any problems that come up, but problems are more likely to occur, last minute deposits using the csv option are a bad idea, and please review your deposit logs to make sure the data being deposited is correct.

Send feedback to



Patricia Feeney Jun 12 Announcements

This announcements thread doesn't push out updates as quickly and consistently as we'd like, so we now have a twitter account for support updates: CrossRefSupport.  I'll still continue to update this feed with the same posts.

Patricia Feeney Jun 11 Announcements

Our test system ( will be down from 9-12 am EST on Friday, June 13.