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Patricia Feeney Apr 22 Announcements

As mentioned previously, because of recent schema changes, we are going to require all Standards deposits to use schema crossref4.3.3.xsd and upfor deposits. This will be implemented Wednesday, April 23.  Please contact with any comments.  

Please note this does not affect deposits of any other content type, your journal, book, report etc. deposits may use currently valid schema (crossref4.3.0.xsd and up).

Chuck Koscher Apr 17 1 Announcements

FundRef Registry of names continues to grow

The FundRef Registry is currently undergoing rapid growth. New funding organizations are continually being evaluated for inclusion in the Registry which at the moment is being updated almost every month.  Once added a name is given a DOI making it an official Registry entry.

Updating deposited data to reflect Registry changes

Members have been including FundRef information in their article deposits for over a year now and many have been able to make use of the names Registry to include funding organization identifiers. In some cases an appropriate Registry identifier did not exist or a match could not be made at the time of deposit so the metadata deposited with CrossRef contained just a funding organization name.

As the Registry grows these past deposits should be updated to reflect new identifiers and better Registry metadata.

getFunders API

To help members identify Registry changes that effect their prior deposits CrossRef now offers a simple getFunders service which displays the Funder information for a DOI taking into account Registry changes.


DOI 10.1037/0735-7036.121.3.306 was deposited  on July 23, 2013 with the following FundRef data. This deposit identifies 5 sources of funding for the article only one of which was identified with a Registry DOI.


The API call shows these same 5 funders with additional Registry information (in a JSON format)


This tells you that:

  • 'SEASPACE' was deposited without an identifier and nothing in the Registry has changed
  • 'Walt Disney Company' was deposited without an identifier but there is a Registry entry for 'The Walt Disney Company' which has a registry DOI
  • 'Soroptimist International' was deposited without an identifier and nothing in the Registry has changed
  • 'American Psychological Association' was deposited without an identifier but it does have a Registry DOI
  • 'American Association of University Women' was deposited with a Registry DOI.

Patricia Feeney Apr 15 Announcements

We are currently having some issues with tickets emailed to Emails sent over the weekend may not have made it into our ticketing system. Tickets should be created from emails to but there might be a slight delay.  If you sent a request over the weekend and have not gotten a response, please resend your request or create a ticket using our support portal.  

Patricia Feeney Feb 04 Announcements

Some changes were made to standards deposits beginning with schema version 4.3.2.  We are also making changes to our query logic to accommodate these changes, specifically the new <standard_designator> element.  This element has been added to the query input schema as well.  When the new query logic is released, the standard designator may be included in queries for standards.

The addition of the standard_designator element is significant enough that we will require all standards deposits to use the crossref4.3.3.xsd deposit schema.   The date of this change is TBD, we'll contact all members currently depositing standards before we make this change. Please send any comments to


Patricia Feeney November 26, 2013 1 Announcements

We are deploying a change today that will affect our CMS subscribers: the initial request for OAI-PMH data will have a longer response time, but subsequent requests using resumption tokes will be much quicker.